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You Are Missing Online Business Without A Mobile Website

Mobile websites are much more important to e-commerce success than most website owners imagine. This silent trend is becoming more apparent to experienced marketers who are paying attention to the market. This is because of the growing number of smartphone users in the United States and the rest of the world. Indeed, businesses that create mobile websites will fare much better than businesses that disregard this trend. Therefore, while conventional e-commerce is still an excellent profit model, businesses should begin considering adding mobile marketing to their marketing plans.

As smartphone and mobile device usage drastically increases, it is becoming progressively more essential for businesses to create mobile phone websites. This trend is here to stay and only just beginning. Mobile sites can boost leads and convert shoppers into buyers. They add yet another slice to the profit pie.

In particular, a wide range of online organisations can benefit from setting up mobile phone sites. These include ecommerce, impulse services like pizza delivery, on-demand services like taxis, local businesses like restaurants, and emergency services like tow trucks. Envision how much your business can improve if your business is in any of these areas?

With this in mind, it is not too late to decide to take complete advantage of this rising consumer trend.

If, however, you still have doubts, wondering if your business can still flourish even if it does not have a mobile website, here are five facts that may persuade you to increase what is currently working for you online:

  1. Google indexes mobile content separately. Since it separates traditional website content from mobile content, you have a better chance of your mobile site ranking higher.
  2. A conventional website does not work well on mobile browsers given that mobile phone screens are so tiny. Only a highly simplified model of your site will make sense on a mobile phone.
  3. About a fifth or more of the American population will use a mobile phone to get on the Internet every day. This fast rate of cell phone usage is an opportunity for huge marketing success.
  4. People purchase billions of dollars worth of merchandise and services each year from mobile gadgets. That’s billions, not millions.
  5. In 2012, mobile advertising is estimated to pass $6.5 billion. Usually tracking advertising dollars is a good indicator of where technology and marketing is heading. Thus, mobile websites are definitely on the brink of being the next great wave of customer spending.